Excellent A-level and BTEC results at King David High

There was a lot of joy last Thursday at King David High School in Liverpool when students received their A-level and BTEC results.

An impressive 67% of students achieved A*-B grades, while 48% achieved A*-A grades.

Head of school, Michael Sutton, said: “It’s a stunning set of results delivered by a group of young people heavily affected by the pandemic. 

“Their success is testament to their resilience, hard work and determination and the outstanding support of our staff during the most difficult of times.”

Some highlights from the results include Amir Hesnam Mansouri, who achieved top grades in physics, chemistry, maths and further maths.

Amir will be attending Mansfield College, one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford, to study civil engineering.

Ruth Kelleher achieved three A* grades in biology, chemistry and maths.

She will go on to study veterinary science at the University of Nottingham.

Adam Beaver also achieved three A* grades in biology, chemistry and history. 

He will be attending the University of Nottingham to study pharmacy.

Dr Dale, head of sixth form at King David High School, noted: “The number of students continuing on to study degrees in the medical sciences has certainly increased this year, and this might be as a result of the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Laury Levy will be going all the way to Paris to study geography and history after achieving A*, A, A and B in French, geography, maths and biology.

She will attend Sorbonne Universite.

Not all students have planned to go to university. Harry, head boy at King David High School, is pursuing apprenticeship options in the film industry.

Isabella Theophanous will be attending the Royal School for the Blind with her guide dog, Judy.

Dr Dale said: “We have always worked hard to strike a balance between delivering a high-quality academic curriculum and outstanding pastoral and extracurricular provision. 

“This was of paramount importance both during and following the pandemic. 

“Our students have shown great resilience and pragmatism in the face of the pandemic, remaining focused upon their studies during lockdowns and periods of remote learning, as evidenced by the grades that they have received. 

“Despite the uncertainty, the cohort, as a whole, have been extremely motivated to succeed in their chosen pathways and this has been reflected in an excellent set of A-level and BTEC results.”

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