Experience ‘Infinite Encounters’ this May at Liverpool Cathedral

This May, Liverpool Cathedral will be home to an exciting and captivating artistic group exhibition. ‘Infinite Encounters’ will invite visitors to interact and enjoy an experience of sound, sight, touch, smell and even taste, conjuring wonder through public participation. The show takes place from 10 May until 2 June 2024, and forms part of its centenary celebrations.

Infinite Encounters refers to experiences lived daily, highlighting humans’ relationships with the world, inviting people to pay attention to what they encounter every day – whether it is other people, nature and animals or food.

In the digital era, when people spend more time online than interacting with the real world, this exhibition offers people the opportunity to reconnect with their senses, and with each other.

Rasheed Araeen’s Zero to Infinity, previously staged at Tate Modern as part of UNIQLO Tate Play in summer 2023, invites audiences to immerse themselves in an interactive journey. Consisting of a number of giant cubes, audiences will become the architects of their own imagination, reshaping and rebuilding the original structure.

Similarly, Liverpool-based artist Frances Disley presents Holodeck Programme 106, welcoming everyone to engage in games of dominoes and construct jigsaws together.

Myriam Thyes’ hypnotic video, Mutable Worlds, promises to be a visual journey while Neringa Naujokaite’s poetic work, Horizon, focuses on a young girl’s relationships with the city, friends, and music through sound. Every frame tells a story and every moment captivates in a way that young girls across the city will relate to.

A new commission by Frances Disley will offer a glimpse of the cathedral’s Lady Chapel and its beautiful architecture while inviting audiences to relax in a safe, playful, and specially scented environment.

 The Welsford Bistro will also be serving a bespoke range inspired by Frances Disley’s new installation.

 The unique show will bring all areas of the cathedral together. From the Lady Chapel to the Welsford Bistro, the cathedral welcomes audiences to collaborate and come together through their senses.

The Very Revd Dr Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool, said: “I am really excited to see some interactive art in the cathedral.

“The cathedral speaks of itself as a place of encounter where all are welcome. We hope that when people visit the cathedral, they will have an encounter with the building and with each other.

“This installation allows people to encounter one another and the cathedral as they create their own art from Rasheeds Araeen’s installation Zero to Infinity.

“In a world that has become more individualistic it will be really good to see how people reflect on the world in which they live and how they interpret that together through Araeen’s work.”

Liverpool Cathedral is looking forward to welcoming visitors to view ‘Infinite Encounters’ for free during opening hours.

The Welsford Bistros taste addition will be among the other menu items that can be purchased on a visit. A number of relaxed hour viewings for those with sensory needs will be available on Wednesdays. For more information, please click here.

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