Fazakerley host British Science Week

Fazakerley High School recently hosted an exciting and inspirational STEM Careers event to celebrate British Science Week.

The aim of the day was to promote Higher Education opportunities and different careers within STEM industries. The event was run in partnership with Elevate Education Business partnership and Shaping Futures (Merseyside Collaborative Outreach Programme).

The activity highlighted to students how integral HE study can be in their day to day life, the opportunities that are available and how it is embedded across so many different professions and day to day occurrences. By demonstrating to students how essential these courses of study are and the impact they can have, the event helped to raise aspiration and motivation.

The activity also exposed students to a variety of inspirational business role models and employability opportunities.
They staged a fake meteorite landing in the school grounds and this created a real sense of excitement and intrigue in the morning. The scene featured a cornered off area of the school ground with fake smoke and police with actors from LIPA. The rest of the day was a carousel of STEM based workshops exploring; forensic science, astronomy, medical careers, drone technology and 3D printing and engineering.

Each session highlighted the HE opportunities and careers linked to each area.

Feedback from students and teachers was equally positive. Teachers enjoyed observing the students excitement and curiosity and pupils commented on how much they enjoyed the day with many taking new career ideas from the event.

Miss Jones, careers advisor who organised the event is working hard to introduce as many stimulating and exciting events of this nature into the curriculum to continue to inspire pupils from Fazakerley High School.

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