The power of music

Monksdown Primary School are celebrating after being awarded a Musical Futures Champion School status. Musical Futures lessons involve playing real world instruments such as keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drumkit, percussion and electric instruments to modern and relevant songs as a whole class.

Music at Monksdown Primary School is co-ordinated by Alan David Wilson, who teaches music through a hands-on ‘play first, theory after’ approach. Every child from Year 6 down to Year 1 has the opportunity to play a range of modern musical instruments in their lessons.

Children play together in whole class group performances, and experience a teacher who expresses genuine excitement as each class’ skill progresses.

Deputy headteacher, Mrs Gill Stewart, said: “At Monksdown we teach music and the arts to promote positivity, self – confidence and a sense of community.

“It is great to have our efforts recognised by a worldwide organisation as well as locally. We believe in developing our children as a whole, and promote the arts wherever possible within our curriculum”.


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