Forging links with Ghana

Staff and pupils from Farnborough Road Junior School, Birkdale held a ‘Ghana Day’ to launch their partnership with the Evergreen Blossom Academy Primary School in Ghana.

On the day pupils came dressed in the colours of the Ghanaian flag with all 480 children forming the flag for a fabulous picture to remember the occasion. The children wore ‘non uniform’ for the day and in return they brought in gifts that the school plan to take to the Ghanaian school.

Headteacher, Mr Antell and assistant headteacher Mrs Johnstone will be visiting Ghana this month with a party from Greenbank High School.

Mr Antell said: “We are very keen to make this link long lasting so that all of the children in both schools can learn about each other and improve their understanding of our world. We are very keen for every child to be involved in this exciting venture.

“The children found out about the country of Ghana during the day and also did a piece of work about a day in their own life. We also plan to take the work to the school and do a similar piece with the children in Ghana so that we can bring it back to our school.

“We would like to thank every family who made a donation for this activity and we hope to keep you all updated with our progress using the school Twitter account @FrjsJun during the trip from 10 February to 20 February”.

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