Formby High School opens holocaust memorial

On 27 January 2015, National Holocaust Memorial Day, the Formby High School community came together to open their Holocaust Memorial site in the gardens of the sixth form centre. Joined by the Mayor of Sefton, councillor Kevin Cluskey, the Mayoress, governors, staff and representatives of the school parliament, the ceremony was poignant and emotional as, collectively, the school pledged to keep the memory of this horrific event in our history alive so that it may never be repeated.

Lucy and Callum (Year 13), ambassadors of the Holocaust Educational Trust, played an instrumental role in the development of this permanent memorial at Formby High School. The site, which includes a memorial bench and tree, is designed to be a place of quiet reflection and remembrance. Lucy and Callum explained that as this tree grows and blossoms each year, the terrible events of the holocaust will move further into the past and soon will not be a living memory told by survivors. It is our collective duty to continue to remember these events and honour those who perished.

A book of commitment has also been created which features seven important pledges which are to be upheld by all who sign the book; each pledge was read out by a member of the junior leadership team. In the Jewish faith, it is customary to lay stones on graves or memorials and everyone attending the ceremony was invited to lay a stone at the foot of the tree in memory of all those who lost their lives during the holocaust.

Mayor Cluskey then gave a very emotional speech in which he recalled meeting a survivor and the sense of duty he feels to work to ensure their suffering and the loss is not forgotten. The mayor was involved with the creation of the Sefton memorial and confirmed his delight at being invited to commemorate this important event at Formby High School.

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