Free streaming platform designed specifically for all school settings launched

Leading film education charity, Into Film, has launched a brand-new, free streaming service for UK schools with all films packaged with a wide range of exclusive resources for teachers of all age groups and subject areas.

On launch, Into Film+ will feature a catalogue of over 150 films that cater for pupils of all ages; all titles have been selected for their educational benefit and will include classic, new release, foreign language, documentary and British titles. They will host more films and subject-specific playlists to support teaching in a wide range of subjects up to A-level.

Research has found that teachers are using some commercial streaming platforms to show films in school situations not permitted by terms and conditions. As the first free streaming platform dedicated to film and designed specifically for all school uses, Into Film+ will enable teachers to stream films safely and legally.

Every film will be supported by at least one educational resource, ranging from a film guide to exclusive bonus content including interviews with the makers of films such as 12 Years a Slave, He Named Me Malala, Suffragette and Paddington, as well as exclusive content from partners such as the Place2Be on wellbeing and Inside Out; the Mama Youth Project discussing Black Panther and Stonewall on LGBTQ+ empowerment in the film, Pride. Resources such as these are central to the offer, supporting educators to link films to the curriculum and explore key themes.

Paul Reeve, CEO, Into Film said: “Into Film+ is a game-changer for teachers. As the first streaming platform dedicated to film and built specifically for use in schools, it enables the power of this wonderful medium and the stories it tells to be fully realised in education.

“A carefully curated catalogue that covers a broad range of titles and genres, and a wealth of curriculum-linked resources created by educational specialists, will provide an incredible goldmine for teachers looking to provide inspiring learning and cultural experiences for pupils of all ages.”

Leigh Adams, director of education and learning, British Film Institution (BFI) said, “Into Film + is a fantastic addition giving teachers greater access to powerful stories to inspire and engage young people and stimulate their learning through film.”

Gemma Brown, SEN teacher from Cartmel Priory CofE School, Cumbria, said: “I feel as though the whole layout of Into Film+ and the additional resources will be of great use in my teaching. It’s easy to use and quick, I think it will really benefit the learning of the students.” For information about the film catalogue (including a full list of titles) visit

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