Fun, challenge and adventure

The 1st Herrington Scouts visited Aerial Extreme Knowsley Safari Park at the start of April and they certainly made the most of the lovely weather with a full day on the 50ft high ropes course. Assistant Manager Sam Crichton at Aerial Extreme said: “All of the group had a great time on the ropes! It is always fun to see both children and adults conquer there fear of heights. The course is also great for improving everyone’s teamwork and leadership qualities and one major bonus for schools and the public is once on the course you get free entry into Knowsley Safari Park walk around section, where you can view a variety of animals such as elephants, sea lions, meerkats and plenty more”.

Paul from the 1st Herrington Scouts said: “The Scouts had a fantastic time at the Knowsley location during our recent camp. All of the instructors that morning were great with the Scouts, giving them advice and encouragement to help them get round the course”.

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