Generations come together

The arts team based at Aintree University Hospital, PARTIA (Promoting Art in Aintree), invited children from Our Lady & St Philomena’s Primary School, in Fazakerley, to pick up their paint brushes and pencils and co-create a piece of artwork with elderly patients.

The hospital welcomed 28 Year 1 students who learnt about the health service and how recreational activities such as painting, drawing, and singing can help improve a patient’s health.

Pupils were invited to visit dementia wards and interact with the patients. Lisa Roberts, clinical business manager for medicine for the elderly, said: “It was lovely to see two generations come together. The children were fantastic with the patients and put a big smile on all of their faces.

“It’s great to see the trust engage in an intergenerational activity that brings the community together”.

The artwork created by the pupils will be displayed in the hospital.

Pamela Alexander, Year 1 teacher at Our Lady & St Philomena’s Primary School, said: “The pupils spent two wonderful afternoons at Aintree. They really enjoyed spending time and working collaboratively with the elderly patients to make woolly pom-poms for the artwork.

“The patients also enjoyed spending time with the children. Their enthusiasm and enjoyment put a smile on all their faces”.

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