School are LifeSavers

Pupils from Stockton Wood Primary have been learning and developing skills around financial education this year through the LifeSavers programme.

The schools aim was to give these skills a real-life, hands-on experience as they opened their own savings club named ‘Super Savers’. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Christine Banks and the schools very own Junior Lord Mayor, Jake, officially opened the savings club.

LifeSavers supports primary schools in setting up savings clubs, and helping children and their families learn about money. It is a collaborative partnership between the Just Finance Foundation and education charity Young Money. LifeSavers is being offered to primary schools across the country, with financial support from Virgin Money.

Headteacher, Suzy Stacey said: “LifeSavers aims to equip children with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences to manage money well, now and in the future. It also explores four core values around money: thankfulness, wisdom, justice and generosity.

“As part of LifeSavers, we will be teaching money lessons in the classroom, and we will be holding school assemblies looking at the four core values.

“We will also be launching a school savings club for pupils, The savings club will provide real life, hands-on money experiences for your children to help them develop into financially confident young people.

“We were incredibly proud that the Lord Mayor of Liverpool was part of the launch of our LifeSavers School Savings club. Our pupil cashiers and parent volunteers have managed the bank wonderfully and are ready for children to make their deposits into their accounts each Thursday morning.

“Since the launch new registrations have been taken so even more children have joined and all children across the school are learning the important values of thankfulness, generosity, wisdom and justice and the vital skills of financial management”.

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