George Howarth MP sees EasyPeasy in action at Park Brow

An app that sends game ideas and tips on child development to parents and carers is being used in Park Brow Community Primary School in Kirkby.

This has been implemented by the nursery teacher, Mrs Lyndsay Rogerson.

George Howarth, MP for the Knowsley constituency, visited the school to participate in a stay and play session and to see how the ‘EasyPeasy’ app works in practice.

Evaluation has shown that the app improves a child’s concentration and their willingness to complete difficult tasks.

It is aimed at parents and carers of children from aged two to six years and encourages positive play and interaction with children at home.

The app has been funded through successful funding bids to the government’s Education Endowment Fund and Knowsley’s Education Commission.

To date, 48 parents and carers at Park Brow School are using the app.

Valmai Roberts, headteacher at Park Brow Community Primary School, said: “I was delighted to welcome George Howarth MP to our school today to see how our parents and carers are using this app to create fun and innovative learning environments at home.

“We have seen a number of positive benefits from using this app, including seeing our children’s confidence develop as well as their cognitive, communication and language skills.”

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