Student council continues to make a difference

The student council at St Margaret’s Academy (SMA) have been highlighted for their continuing hard work to promote a happy and positive student body at the school.

Over 40 students from Years 7-10 strive to make the environment at the academy as enjoyable as possible, improving all things big and small, and ensuring all students feel listened to by senior staff members.

So far this year, they have revitalised the canteen by introducing a ‘Grab & Go’ scheme which allows students who just wish to purchase sandwiches, drinks, snack or cakes, rather than waiting in the main lunch queue for hot food.

They have also launched meal deals for students. The hot lunch deal combines a meal; drink and cookie or a healthier option is also available and includes a sandwich, piece of fruit and a bottle of water or milk each at a reduced price.

The group prides itself on being self-sufficient when it comes to funding and has never had to ask the finance team for support.

They create their own revenue by holding successful fundraising initiatives; recently they held a talent show to showcase the diverse abilities within the school.

They are also keen to introduce recycling bins for inside and outside of the school, regular football matches between forms plus a selection of foam footballs for the yard during break and lunchtimes.

Chair of the council is Year 10 student, Cameron Ward. He is supported by fellow Year 10 pupils Nikesh Someswaran, who is the vice chair and Jamie Foster, the council secretary.

Cameron said: “The council plays an important role in the SMA student body. We have a close relationship with the senior leadership team at school and so any issues or ideas get passed quicker and more effectively.

“Having a varied team within the council is really important as we want to represent the diverse range of students here at SMA.”

Principal Stephen Brierley, said: “It is fantastic to see the council’s enthusiasm for the school. They are an extremely dedicated group of students who have their peers’ best interests at heart.

“At every meeting, they don’t just raise important issues but they also put forward well-thought-out solutions to solve and overcome them. We’re grateful for all their hard work.”

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