Getting eco-friendly with The Belvedere Academy

The Eco Group at The Belvedere Academy in Liverpool has been making a real difference to the school and local community.

Under the leadership of health and social care subject lead and eco lead, Catherine Keenan, the Eco Group not only encourage and manage the recycling efforts of everyone, but they have also ensured Belvedere has recyclable and biodegradable equipment in the academy canteens.

The academy has been encouraging the school community to use reusable water bottles and recycle as many of the materials they use as possible.

With The Belvedere Academy being very close to the beautiful Princes Park, the park is often used by the academy for PE and wellbeing walks. The local Toxteth community also use it for activities like the thriving Park Run and many group events.

To help with general park maintenance and litter collection, staff and pupils at The Belvedere Academy often join the voluntary conservation group ‘Friends of Princes Park’ on a Sunday.

This year, Belvedere’s Eco Group has started a major project to encourage staff and pupils to switch off devices before the end of the day. They will be measuring the impact of this project by comparing energy use at the start and the end of the project.

The Eco Group are providing visual reminders and staff training for this project, hoping that this will make a real difference.

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