Hamlet comes to Prescot

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School in Prescot, performed two special performances of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in school at the end of November.

During October, the same Year 6 children performed this specially abridged version of our most celebrated bard’s tale, at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre as part of the National Schools Shakespeare Festival.

The Year 6 pupils from Our Lady’s joined 1,000 other schools both primary and secondary by performing to a paying audience in one of 150 theatres across England.

Having received rapturous applause at the Epstein the children had to wait patiently, due to regulations, for more than a calendar month before they were allowed to perform the play for a second time.

Headteacher, Haydn Boyle, enthused: “How wonderful it is to be part of the UK’s largest youth drama festival which empowers our children by raising their self-esteem, develops our teachers’ skills and attracts new audiences to Shakespeare’s works.

“This was a fitting tribute in 2014 as it marked the 450th anniversary of the “Bard’s” birth”.

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