Balance curriculum tool free to all primary schools

Angel Solutions Balance curriculum tool is currently available to primary schools free of charge. 

Curriculum is at the heart of everything Balance does at primary schoolsMany will have concerns about the future, and anticipate how curriculum must and will change to accommodate the impact of this current break in education.  

The free curriculum tool is ideal during this time as it can be used ito get ahead of the changes that will undoubtedly come, while there is the time to do so.  

Created alongside subject specialists, schools and teachers across the country – Balance allows schools to focus on what matters most, allowing staff to completely edit the curriculum in a way that works.  

Balance helps teachers clearly identify what was and wasn’t taught each year which is especially important after an incomplete academic year. 

By signing up to Balanceschools can gain access to: 

  • Totally free, step-by-step support, help and demonstrations on how to use Balance 
  • Weekly webinars covering everything you need to get started (including creating an intervention curriculum)  
  • Regular blogs, tips and guidance on curriculum, from their team of experts 

Get ahead of curriculum changes today in order to make sure no child falls behind. Sign up now for free access to the curriculum tool until August 2020 – no strings attached. 

Find out more here 

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