Hands-on with seafood

Pupils at Florence Melly Primary School have been schooled on seafood as part of national Seafood Week.
Pupils got the chance to touch, taste and prepare seafood and learn about its importance as part of a healthy diet.

The Year 3 children made prawn cocktails from scratch with school food advisor Michaela Wright. Michaela said: “The whole idea is to educate about food and eat more fish, something which many of the pupils may not have had the chance to do at home.

“Some of the pupils tasted prawns for the very first time; which is a really brave thing to do when you’ve never eaten anything like that. Most of the children have only eaten fish from their local chippy without knowing what species it is.

“They got the chance to hold a whole rainbow trout and learn about the good things that happen to their bodies when they eat fish.

“Even the teachers enjoyed themselves. Mr Mullin and Mrs Slade went above and beyond to make the day happen and the headteacher Mr Ken Heaton even paid for the food for the students”.

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