Rainford High to celebrate diversity and inclusion

Rainford High, a secondary school in Rainford, Merseyside, is preparing to host a conference on 14 July which celebrates and raises awareness of diversity and inclusion in society. 

The event, called ‘Building A World Where Everyone Matters’, and has been funded by local business Communication Plus, will include a number of special guest speakers. 

The guests will talk to Rainford High students, and other young people from schools in the local area, telling them about their careers, life experience and the challenges they have faced in society. 

These special guests include former professional footballer John Barnes MBE, British/Nigerian fashion designer Walé Adeyemi MBE, transgender speaker and founder of GenderSpace Christian Owens, and British Labour Party politician Paula Barker, who has served as MP for Wavertree since 2019. 

In between the keynote speakers, each school will deliver a workshop on issues linked with diversity and inclusion that are relevant to the context of their own school.  

By sharing it with other students, they will look at ways they can make a difference within their schools. 

Christian Owens said: “It’s a privilege to work with staff and students at Rainford High, using my own personal journey of discovery as a transgender male, to enlighten and inspire, helping to create a safe space where diversity and inclusion is celebrated and everyone matters, belongs, and accepts each other. 

“It’s so important that everyone feels that they can be their true authentic self, embrace who they are and realise that their difference is their strength.” 

Mr Ian Young, principal of Rainford High, said: “We are proud to be organising a conference which will be informative not only to our own students, but also to students from other schools. It will help them understand more about the world we live in and why everyone is important in their own right. 

“As an inclusive school, it is important that we celebrate a diverse society and ensure young people are aware of the different battles people face on a daily basis. 

Mr Young added: “’Building A World Where Everyone Matters’ is set to be a great event and a huge thank you to Communications Plus for supporting us on this.” 

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