Harry’s essay is commended by Oxford

Winstanley College student and Oxbridge applicant Harry Crann has been commended by Oxford University for an essay he submitted to a prestigious national competition. 

Sixth form students who are invited to submit an essay in response to thought-provoking questions can enter the John Locke Institute Essay Competition in history and politics. 

Harry, a former Culcheth High School student, centred his work around the question: ‘Should we judge those from the past by the standards of today?’ His essay covered controversial historical political figures and whether we should condemn their historic actions based on our current more moral ethics.

Harry researched his topic independently, reading a wide range of books, journal articles, broadsheet newspapers and documentaries. He made an impressive and intriguing argument that challenged popular opinion on the topic. Harry, who has applied to study history and politics at Oxford for September 2022, said:

‘I saw the opportunity to write an essay on a topic that I’ve had strong views on for quite a while and the fact it was a competition ran by the university I have always wanted to go to is a bonus.

“I would recommend that anyone who wishes to apply to an elite university takes up any opportunity that presents itself at college to better your application. It can’t do you any harm! Winstanley not only has academic enrichment to further your education, they also have great opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom as well.”

David Cartwright, Harry’s politics tutor, praised him for his work and for going above and beyond the curriculum.

David said: “The politics department encourages students to engage with a wide range of super-curricular activities such as essay competitions, summer schools, work experience, and wider reading. I cannot praise Harry enough for taking advantage of the opportunities out there, for taking a risk and applying himself with his typical energy.

“It will be a huge confidence boost to Harry to know that Oxford shortlisted his work among the best in the country and his application to university has been undoubtedly strengthened by the experience.”

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