Helping to safeguard young people

Helping to safeguard young people. James Riley, founder of GANGS, the hard-hitting and innovative Get Away ‘N’ Get Safe programme, has a simple mission – to inspire and safeguard our young people.
James set up GANGS after being a probation officer for 18 years, the last six years working among urban street gangs and organised crime groups on Merseyside.
He travels across the UK to deliver his programme to schools, alternative education providers and youth services in a bid to show young people they can take control of their future by making the right decisions.
James, who received a High Sheriff Award and Commendation from Merseyside Police, said: “In my years as a probation officer and latterly working among street gangs, there’s virtually nothing I haven’t seen or experienced first-hand.
“That’s why I’m passionate about getting young people to stand up and reject gang lifestyle where there are no winners, only losers.”
James, who describes his delivery as “personal” rather than “authoritarian”, admits his five-day workshops are all about children developing strategies to keep themselves safe.

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