Making a difference

As we have all seen on the news recently, the care of children’s teeth are taking centre stage at the moment and not for good reason!

Tens of thousands of young children have had decayed teeth removed in England’s hospitals over the last four years.

Overall, there have been 128,558 cases of children aged 10 and under needing one or more teeth out since 2011, the figures from the Health and Social Care information centre show.

For children aged five and under there were 14,445 extraction cases from 1 April, 2014 to 31 March 2015 and among those aged six to ten, a further 19,336.

Dental disease caused by decay is 100% preventable.

Katie Dullaghan, the training director of Happy Teeth Education said: “I’ve worked in dental health for over 12 years and during this time I have seen the need for prevention.

“By giving education and information to empower and inspire individuals, I aim to make change in the way that we as an area care for our children’s teeth.

“Striving to make a difference to children’s teeth and contribute to a healthier Merseyside”.

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