How Life Sciences UTC and The Studio support students who join in Year 10

At Liverpool Life Sciences UTC and The Studio School, education extends far beyond the traditional classrooms. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders and lots of immersive experiences, students have the chance to apply their skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Art and graphics activity, The Studio School

The commitment goes way beyond preparing students for their GCSEs; they are equipped for the complexities of life itself. Life Sciences UTC and The Studio’s holistic approach ensures that students develop the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

With a focus on meeting the individual needs of each student, the schools provide tailored support and opportunities to ensure their success in the future.

University-approved labs, Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

Students can enrol in either of the schools in Year 10 or Year 12. Moving school at Year 10 can seem challenging, so there are a lot of well tested initiatives to make sure students have a smooth transition even before classes commence in September.

Upon application, the schools get to know each student as an individual both from an academic perspective by conducting baseline tests to assess their abilities and their personalities, likes and interests.

Life Sciences UTC and The Studio also offer induction programs and guidance for selecting GCSE options, all aimed at ensuring students feel supported and prepared as they embark on their educational journey.

This is reflected in students’ achievements, consistently surpassing the national average. Last academic year at The Studio School, 56% of students attained a Level 4 or higher in maths GCSE, 67% achieved a Level 4 or higher in English GCSE, and an exceptional 100% secured a Level 4 or above in art, graphics, and photography.

Meanwhile, at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, an impressive 95% achieved a Level 5 or higher in biology, 95% in chemistry, and 89% in physics. Additionally, 42% of students excelled with a grade 7 or higher across all three sciences.

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