Innovative Chapel building unveiled at Hope Primary School 

Hope Primary School in Huyton, Liverpool, and Baltic Bespoke, a leading name in innovative outbuilding solutions, have proudly announced the completion of a bespoke chapel for the school.  

This building was constructed on an unused balcony at the school, providing a dedicated space for Religious Education (RE) and a versatile environment for collective worship, fostering a comfortable and quiet space for children to connect with their faith through activities such as music, conversation, and prayer. 

Headteacher of Hope Primary School, John Casson’s, visionary approach focused on maximising the available area and asking the pivotal question, ‘What is possible?’. The result is a timber frame building that sets a precedent for future innovative educational spaces. 

John Casson said: “At Hope Primary, we are a proud faith school, and everything we do is underpinned by our approach to learning and worship. This new chapel provides us with a modern, warm and welcoming space at the heart of the school, dedicated to expressing and exploring our faith. 

“The timber frame construction offers a cost-effective, adaptable, and sustainable solution, addressing the budgetary constraints faced by many schools. Additionally, the quick nature of the build minimises disruption to school life.” 

Upon seeing the finished space, the school’s chaplain, Rebecca Richardson was moved to tears, emphasising the emotional impact and significance of the new chapel for the children and the community.  

Francis Eades, managing director at Baltic Bespoke, expressed his excitement about the project and the possibilities it opens up for future endeavours. “We are thrilled to have been a part of this transformative project at Hope Primary School. It pushes the boundaries of conventional design and construction, showcasing what is possible when we step out of our comfort zone and test our expertise.”  

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