Maricourt takes on New York

Students and staff at Maricourt Catholic High School in Maghull had a brilliant time after their jam-packed visit to New York in the USA. 

With all the hustle and bustle of the busy location, staff said one of the most memorable things of the whole trip was seeing students’ friendships grow. 

A variety of famous New York landmarks and locations were covered on the trip, including Grand Central Station; the Statue of Liberty; the Immigration Museum; the 9/11 Memorial Museum; Brooklyn Bridge; the Empire State Building; the Rockerfeller Centre; Times Square; The Edge, and Ellen’s Stardust Diner – to name a few! 

Many students used their free time to take selfies with the iconic landmarks, while others enjoyed the glorious view of the Manhattan skyline. 

On the evening of the first day, staff and students enjoyed a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe. Getting to the cafe was a journey in itself for the cohort, who had to dodge the X-men and minions in Times Square who were trying to pose for photos. 

The second evening, everyone enjoyed a Broadway performance of Harry Potter. Students had mixed reviews, largely depending on the level of Harry Potter fandom. 

On the final day, the group visited St Patrick’s Cathedral in time to observe the Sunday Mass for a while. They then continued their walk along 5th Avenue to Central Park. There was plenty of free time to wander round the park, visit the hotel from Home Alone, and browse the shops (Tiffany & Co and Lego seemed to be popular choices). 

The trip back was less chatter and a lot more sleeping. Staff said they learnt a lot about their students as fantastic young people – as ‘sometimes teaching and learning does not take place in a classroom in a lesson’. 

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