Inspirational new podcast created for budding screen enthusiasts

As part of film education charity Into Film’s Screen Industry Careers Programme, through National Lottery funding, the charity announced a new partnership to deliver the Media Careers podcast.

Available on Spotify and Apple, the Media Careers Podcast is aimed at young people interested in the screen industries and was recently created in response to the ever-growing skills shortages in many areas of the screen sector.

The Media Careers podcast will break down barriers to accessing a career in the screen industries by providing inspiration and information for students across secondary schools, with direct links to industry professionals and supporting organisations. 

The weekly podcasts cover the breadth and variety of roles across the industry, featuring both creative and technical roles for TV, broadcast, film, media technology, animation and gaming.

Listeners can expect to hear from professionals across the industry – including Sky, ITV, and Pinewood Studios – on their education and career journey, how they landed their first job and what their current role involves. 

The show provides a glimpse behind the scenes and showcases a variety of different jobs in media, as well as the skills and personality traits best suited to them. Media Careers aims to support young people as they enter the world of work and expand their understanding of what’s possible.

Carrie Wootten, founder of Media Careers Podcast, said: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Into Film on the Media Careers Podcast as we share the same vision of breaking down the barriers that exist between young people and the screen industries. 

“There are so many great opportunities for young people in the world of screen and through this partnership our aim is to inspire and support them to take their interest further.”

Paul Reeve, Into Film CEO, adds: “For many young people, the world of screen feels beyond their reach, and yet there are so many viable opportunities for them. I look forward to partnering with the Media Careers podcast to change that mindset, and to inspiring the next generation of screen industry practitioners.”

Into Film’s Screen Industry Careers Programme is supported by the British Film Institute (BFI), a cultural charity and the UK’s lead organisation for film and the moving image.

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