The WOW badge design competition 2023 opens for entries

A national charity is searching for the UK’s best young designers for a badge design competition. The winning designs will be turned into more than 300,000 badges for pupils to collect. 

Living Streets, the UK charity behind the ‘walk to school’ campaign, is asking primary school aged children to design the 11 badges that will be used in WOW – their walk to school challenge. 1,800 schools across the UK take part in the campaign. 

WOW rewards pupils who walk to school at least once a week with a different collectable WOW badge each month, designed by pupils in this year’s nationwide WOW badge design competition.  

WOW badges are made in the UK from recycled plastic material, which includes old fridge trays, plastic plates and off-cuts of yoghurt pot material. 

The winning designs will be worn by pupils across the UK, and the designers will also receive prizes for themselves and their school, including a year’s supply of WOW resources. 

An additional 11 highly commended designers will receive runners-up trophies. Every school that enters will qualify for a prize draw to win WOW resources for their school. 

Last year, the competition had 115,000 entries, making it one of the UK’s biggest design competitions for children. 

This year’s competition focuses on bringing children closer to nature. The British Nature Walk invites school pupils to go on an adventure in their local area – whether rural or urban – and draw the wildlife that they find.  

Entrants can also draw a special memory of nature from a recent holiday in Britain or from a different season. 

Stephen Edwards, Chief Executive, Living Streets said: “Walking to school is an easy way for children to stay healthy and happy, and it can also improve energy levels and concentration in the classroom. 

“Pupils love taking part in WOW and collecting the badges. The winning designers will enjoy the extra pride of seeing their creations worn by pupils across England, Scotland and Wales. 

“We’re encouraging pupils to get closer to nature with our WOW badge design competition 2023 and draw an animal, insect or plant they find interesting and inspiring. This is an opportunity to be bold and colourful – and stand out from the crowd!” 

The WOW badge design competition closes on Tuesday 28 February 2023. 

Entry forms can be downloaded now from the Living Streets website here

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