It’s a wrap for Pleasant Street

Pleasant Street Primary School pupils demonstrated their musical talents when they took part in the recording of ‘England’s One’.

They are now part of over 7,000 students across the country, which has joined up to sing on the anthem for the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

As well as shattering records for the number of kazoos on a recording, the song also seeks to raise £100,000 for Cancer Research, with all proceeds from sales and school fundraising going to the charity.

The song was written by for the 2006 World Cup and gained celebrity backing from the likes of Eamonn Holmes and Sheree Murphy. However, the song has been re-recorded to with a samba flavour and the collective voices of thousands of English school children backing the England team to step up this summer.

England’s One Project Leader, Jasper Ward, was delighted with the response of the children, “Everybody knows about the importance of music and football to Liverpool, so it was great to see the passion of Anfield and Goodison recreated in the school’s hall! It was the first time, in all the schools I’ve recorded, that all the students were all jumping up and down with the music and doing Mexico Waves. What a way to wrap up the recordings!”

Pleasant Street Primary School’s deputy headteacher, Cherie Gilchrist was equally pleased with the recording visit.

“We had a great afternoon, thanks to the enthusiasm and motivation of Jasper. Our children and families are always supportive of charity events and we encourage them to develop an awareness of the wider community.

“Best of all, it was an experience the children will remember forever, as you can tell by their smiling, joyful faces.’

Children at Pleasant Street also sent a clear message to the public with children urging everybody to: “Like it on Facebook, follow it on Twitter and download it from iTunes!”

‘England’s One’ is now available nationwide and all proceeds will go to Cancer Research.

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