Special visitor

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, councillor Gary Millar attended St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School in Speke to present awards to a group of pupils and staff.

The group have been working on a specialist package known as Partnership for Literacy (P4L) to introduce new specialist materials developed to raise literacy levels.

Staff have been trained in the use of these materials by Trish Jones a specialist teacher from Dyslexia Action’s Liverpool centre with funding provided by KPMG as part of their Action for Literacy campaign.

The induction process has been very successful and is designed to continue now that staff are trained and the programme will be used to support other children in the school.

“The staff and children have both been totally committed to the project and have made the whole experience enjoyable and worthwhile. It has been a pleasure to work here,” said Trish. “We are extremely grateful to KMPG for their generous support for this project and their commitment to improving literacy standards. We are delighted to be able to work alongside schools in this way”.

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