Joe McGann

Liverpool-born actor Joe McGann, 51, grew up with his brothers and one sister in the city centre, opposite a library. He has fond memories of his schooldays at St Anne’s, Overbury Street in the city centre. Joe always wanted to be an actor along with his three younger brothers – Paul, Stephen, Mark – also actors. Joe has recently appeared on BBC’s Celebrity Masterchef and more recently as Richard in ‘Lost Monsters’ by Laurence Wilson at Liverpool Everyman Theatre.

My School
I went to St Anne’s Primary and then St Francis Xavier’s College in Woolton.

My Favourite Teacher
I had a few actually – Jack Seddon was a huge man, ex-RAF into physical fitness and he instilled a love of the outdoors into me. I’d also have to say Jack Carter, Mr Gough, Mrs Bestell and a Mrs McGann (no relation). It was a lovely, happy, multi-racial school and I really thrived there. It felt like a big family.

My Favourite Subject at School
I was pretty good across the board but especially at English and Geography.

My Favourite Extra-Curricular Activity
I’d have to say football for this!

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek?
I was a bit of both to be honest. I was good at football, but I also loved reading, so I had friends in both camps.

My Favourite Childhood Singer/Band
The first band I was really mad on was Slade, and then I got into Motown and soul music. I also liked Alice Cooper.

Do you remember your first school crush?
I had a crush on a girl called Jacqui, and she was my first kiss too – I was a bit lovesick over her! She was a dancer in a show put on at the park and she was a little bit older than me.

My Favourite Book
I liked all the Enid Blyton books, but I really loved Robinson Crusoe – such a story of adventure and solitude, and surviving. I also really liked Gulliver’s Travels.

School Dinners
I remember the cheese pie they gave us, it was quite nice actually, and a bit tangy! It was all freshly cooked, decent stuff!

My Ambitions at School
I didn’t tend to have ambitions as such. I always knew I wanted to be an actor after I first came to the theatre, but I just thrive on different roles and learning. I think I’m just naturally more pragmatic and like to make the best of the opportunities I’ve had. I was the same as a child.

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