Liam thrives at Progress Schools thanks to exceptional support system


After being excluded from mainstream school for a one-off mistake, Liam began attending Progress Schools in November 2018, he settled in quickly and made friends with his peers.

Despite his previous circumstances, Liam made the conscious choice not to let his previous error in judgement affect his future career prospects and his hard work and dedication, combined with an effective support system at Progress Schools has enabled Liam to thrive, by the time he reached Year 11 he was an extremely focused learner.

His commitment was not only evident in a classroom faced with being in lockdown, Liam had the choice of how to use his time. He continued to progress with his learning, and has since reaped the rewards of that hard work.

He always excelled at maths and enjoyed these sessions in particular, he received an eight for his maths iGCSE and level 2s for his maths and English functional skills, something Liam’s parents believed would not have been possible had he remained in mainstream education.

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Since achieving his functional skills and iGCSE, Liam has continued on an upward curve. He has recently been accepted at Corby Tresham College to study engineering, where he hopes to continue to university to study electrical/mechanical engineering.

Liam said: “The most valuable lesson learned at Progress Schools was how to be a leader, to believe in myself and above all, to be yourself. Progress Schools have supported me in many ways. I was listened to and treated like an adult. The smaller class sizes meant I was able to get that extra little bit of support when I needed it, and that really helped me.”

Liam’s head of school, Shannon Noone, praised him for all his hard work and his commitment to building the foundation for a successful future.

She said: “Liam’s hard work over the past few months has really paid dividends to him, and the outcomes are a true testament of Liam’s ability and how well he responded to his teachers at Progress Schools.

“We will now do everything we can to help Liam successfully transition into college, where we really hope that he will continue to flourish and achieve his goals.”

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