Life is a drag for charity event at Winstanley College!

Winstanley College proved that life can be a drag at a recently held special one-off charity drag event in aid of Stonewall, a charity who support all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people (LGBTQ+), at home and abroad.

Phillipdelphia, Sheila Blige, Velma Vandyke, Annie Summers and Conchita also known as Phil Duckworth (head of history), Alan Willis (assistant principal), Daniel O’Sullivan (upper sixth student), Sam Miller (lower sixth student) and Conor Edwards (finance manager) are the fabulous five that competed in the Winstanley College Drag Race. This was the finale to the month long celebrations for LGBTQ+ month.

And what a show they put on for their appreciative audience as they completed a timed obstacle course in full drag attire.

Velma Vandyke was crowned overall best drag queen whilst Annie Summers recorded the fastest time over the course. Most importantly all five queens provided a lot of laughs and prompted generous donations to the Stonewall charity.

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