Liverpool Cathedral lights up with the wonders of the universe

Liverpool Cathedral is lighting up with the awe-inspiring wonders of the universe as a breathtaking immersive art installation, known as ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’, floods the building’s vast Gothic interior with an extraordinary display of lights, projections and sound.  

The son-et-lumière installation, which comes to life after dark, can be experienced every evening until Sunday 27 February as Liverpool Cathedral becomes a canvas for a magnificent exploration of space, galaxies and the universe.   

Visitors are being invited to lose themselves in the dazzling projections of sculptor, Peter Walker, and the beautiful atmospheric sounds of composer, David Harper, collectively known as Luxmuralis, the award-winning artistic duo behind ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’.  

Luxmuralis is the same team that created the acclaimed ‘Angel Wings’ installation, hosted by Liverpool Cathedral in 2020. Artistic Director and Sculptor, Peter Walker, who was also responsible for last year’s ‘Peace Doves’, said: “It’s fantastic to be back at Liverpool Cathedral and to have the opportunity to fill such a vast space with the amazing wonders of the universe is absolutely incredible.  

“As the largest cathedral in the UK, Liverpool Cathedral is a remarkable building and its striking Gothic architecture provides the perfect backdrop for this immensely powerful artwork.  

“I’m really excited about seeing people immerse themselves in ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’ as we capture the imagination and excitement around space discovery, transporting visitors from the first step on the moon to the edge of the universe and back again in just one night.” 

Paul Smith, director of enterprise at Liverpool Cathedral, said: “This is our most ambitious installation yet and we hope visitors will enjoy being immersed in the greatness and the mystery that surrounds our vast universe as the building is transformed by such an incredibly moving piece of art. 

“Luxmuralis’s artwork ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’ depicts the wonders of creation and the universe through a beautiful display of lights, projections and sound. We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors to Liverpool Cathedral and seeing them being wowed as they experience our building as they have never been seen it before.” 

‘Space, The Universe and Everything’ runs from Friday 18 – Sunday 27 February with shows starting every 15 minutes between 6 pm – 8 pm. Tickets for the immersive art experience, which lasts around 40 minutes, must be booked in advance at Ticket Quarter: 

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