Knowsley Safari ‘Springs into Adventure’ with children’s mental health

Knowsley Safari is launching a new series of wildlife-inspired mental health and wellbeing sessions for local primary school children, following the success of its Autumn Wild and Well programme. 

More than 600 early-years school children from across Knowsley took part in Wild and Well, inspiring the Safari to create its new series, ‘Spring into Adventure’. 

Running from the end of March until May half-term 2022, the Safari is creating a larger programme featuring 900 free-of-charge places for school children right across Knowsley. 

‘Spring into Adventure’ enables school pupils to take part in a series of team challenges, which test their abilities to survive and thrive in the great outdoors. The programme takes place in the Safari’s woodland walk area and sees children tackling an obstacle course, mastering den-building skills, learning about how animals use speed and agility to catch prey, as well as discovering all about different natural habitats and the animals that call them home.  

Nikki Burton Mallott, head of learning and discovery at Knowsley Safari, said: “Our Autumn Wild and Well programme helped children to build confidence and social skills. Being outdoors and connecting with nature was at the heart of this and created experiences the children really enjoyed and that they remembered for long afterwards. 

“By expanding the size of the programme, hopefully Spring into Adventure will create even more opportunity to benefit the mental health and wellbeing of children throughout Knowsley.” 

‘Wild and Well: Spring into Adventure’ is also supported by The Knowsley Safari Foundation. The recently established charity helps to fund learning resources, including pupil packs for children taking part in the programme. 

The Safari-based sessions have been designed for school Years 2, 3 and 4, and schools wanting to book places on Spring into Adventure, should email:  

Spaces are limited and early booking is advised. 

Nikki Burton Mallett, said: “There’s growing awareness of the importance of children’s mental wellbeing, as recognised by the recent national Children’s Mental Health Week and different studies looking at problems like anxiety and the impacts of disruption caused by the pandemic on learning and living.  

“Our aim is to continue to draw on Knowsley Safari’s long-established connection with wildlife to provide our local community with engaging ways to improve mental health. Wildlife inspires so much passion and intrigue amongst people of all ages, and especially children, and creates a unique opportunity to support wellbeing.” 

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