Liverpool Cathedral to hold free exhibition

A free exhibition, designed to make people reflect on what it means to be human, will be held this summer at Liverpool Cathedral

The exhibition is called ‘Being Human’, and is part of a two-year programme of events, exhibitions and artworks leading up to Liverpool Cathedral’s 100th anniversary, which is in 2024. 

It is a collaboration between Liverpool Cathedral and internationally renowned sculptor and artist, Peter Walker.  

Peter Walker at Liverpool Cathedral Light Show
Peter Walker © Gareth Jones

The exhibition includes a series of interactive art installations, which aim to encourage visitors to consider who they are as individuals, what makes us unique as human beings and how we connect with others in a changing world. 

At the heart of the exhibition is a giant sculpture titled ‘Connection’, inspired by Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece the ‘Creation of Adam’, originally a fresco painting which depicts God’s hand reaching out to meet Adam’s finger.  

The sculpture at Liverpool Cathedral based on the painting features two giant hands, each standing at two metres tall, equivalent in height to the size of an average front door. 

The other artworks in the exhibition will include Reflection, Identity and Creativity.  

The ‘Being Human’ exhibition launches to the public at 11am on 27 July and is open to visitors from 10am – 6pm daily until 30 August. 

For more information about ‘Being Human’ and the events programme at Liverpool Cathedral, visit

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