Liverpool has heart! New charity Christmas single in production

A new Christmas single ‘Liverpool Heart’ will be released in November, in a collaboration between Big City Soul Collective and over 200 local artists, bands and choirs across the region.

Merseyside is well known for its musical roots; its legacy within the music scene has been well preserved with big star names over the years. It’s with this creative Liverpool spirit in mind that prompted the Big City Soul Collective to be born, to showcase, celebrate and inspire the hidden talents within Liverpool’s youth communities.

This past weekend, upcoming artists such as Joe Maddocks, Sophie-Ellen Evans and Hayli Kincade joined Lord Mayor Erica Kemp to record the Christmas single – a big, starry song that features an addictive melody, powerful vocals and compelling warmth. Collaborating and mentoring the young talent were veterans of the Liverpool music scene, songwriters, producers, choirs and buskers from all over Merseyside, including the Liverpool Community Choir, the Choir With No Name, Harmonee, Ukebox and The Occasionals.

Whitefield Primary School were one of the choirs involved in the recording of the single, which will raise money for Liverpool Heartbeat; a charity helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfil their creative potential.

Songwriter and producer Ian Hewitt praised the performance of the pupils and staff at Whitefield, saying: “It was fantastic to work with the gifted children and staff at Whitefield. Their passion was infectious and the choir’s performance was outstanding – their contribution has really made a difference to the song. We chose Whitefield because they are so active in the community and the pupils are quite remarkable…I’ve seen professional artists feel the pressure of studio recording, but the Whitefield school children took it all in their stride and were just fantastic.”
Recorded in the Grammy-award winning Liverpool studios, Parr Street, the Big City Soul Collective are hoping their single equals the heights of some of its predecessors; names such as Coldplay, Take That, The Elbow and Paolo Nutini have all recorded in the biggest recording studios outside of London.

Liverpool Heartbeat founder, Robin Baynes MBE said: “The Whitefield pupils were so incredibly well rehearsed, they knew every word and harmony, I was very impressed by their dedication and ability, we are doing this to help local children pursue their artist ambitions, Whitefield are a wonderful example of what can be achieved with dedication and passion”.

The official Liverpool Heart single will be sold via iTunes and other digital formats as well as being sold on CD’s in local shops and venues from November 7th.
You can find out more about the project and support it by following @CHRISTMASSINGLE on twitter and liking the Big City Soul Collective on Facebook.

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