Making a song and a dance of success

Broughton Hall Catholic High School have been celebrating great success within their music department.

The school recently launched a music mentor’s programme which is supported by Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership.

There were two concerts performed for more than 700 pupils, the pupils were then invited to apply to participate with a limited number being able to participate.

It was tough competition but the successful applicants have now been chosen and are excited about being involved in such an innovative programme which will encourage a love and appreciation of all forms of music.

They are looking forward to sharing in their success when they perform at the Summer Concert on July 5.

Further success came at the Wirral Festival of Music, Speech and Drama. Broughton Hall’s vocal group won first place in the under 19 youth choir category. They also had six students placed as soloists.

The school commended the pupils on all their achievements and are looking forward to further success in the field of performing arts.

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