Mawdesley primary schools impress local MP with debating skills

Should junk food be banned? This was the topic of debate between two Mawdesley primary schools this week.

Chaired by local Conservative MP for South Ribble, Seema Kennedy, Mawdesley St Peter’s and Mawdesley St Peter and Paul’s were on opposing sides of the motion: ‘this house believes that junk food should be banned for children!’

Mawdesley St Peter’s were the proposition speakers and Mawdesley St Peter and Paul’s were opposing the motion. Both schools had put a great deal of preparation into their speeches and the culmination was the experience of a live debate.

The proposition team (St Peter’s) was made up of Freya, Max and Alfie and the opposition team (St Peter and Paul’s) was Georgina, Harry and Anna. The main point that St Peter’s made was that junk food caused obesity, heart disease and diabetes and the opposition made the point that if junk food outlets were closed, then people would be unemployed. Mawdesley St Peter’s argued back that the fast food industry would be replaced by healthy eating, quick food businesses instead, such as Thindian in Leyland.

Chair of the debate, Seema Kennedy, was impressed with both schools, saying: “The children were absolutely first class and obviously prepared very hard. Their arguments were well presented and crafted and they spoke very clearly and without hesitation.”

The children now look forward to visiting Seema in her offices on Wednesday 23rd November, when they travel to the Houses of Parliament in London.

Max, head boy at St Peter’s, adds: “It was a really good experience, but quite tense, especially when I was standing up, but when I started talking I felt more confident and all that I had learnt about debating in class slotted into place!”

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