Mayor of Liverpool’s work with the Belvedere Equality and Diversity Team

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson is a local L8 resident and champion of educating and empowering young women so it seemed inevitable that Joanne and Belvedere’s paths would cross.

Joanne took part in a question and answer session with Belverdere student leaders from all year groups, as well as sixth form politics students.

Her afternoon at the school had a particularly poignant end as she chaired a meeting with the school’s equality and diversity team. As the first woman of colour to be elected Mayor in UK political history, Joanne’s own story and experiences struck a chord with the school community. Since its equality and diversity team first formed several years ago, these young people have become bold advocates for helping promote Belvedere’s message of inclusivity.

The team has recently expanded to include representatives from every year group. Belvedere’s vision and ethos remains clearer than ever: ‘We celebrate diversity and uniqueness, give everybody a voice and accept everyone for who they are.’

Since the appalling murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter protests around the world have sparked a commitment among many individuals and organisations, Belvedere and their trust, GDST included, to educate themselves about BAME history, heritage and culture, as part of an effort to better under racism and challenge it in all its forms as well as to ensure that all pupils within their community have a voice.

They were able to take a moment to reflect and consider the work done so far by their equality and diversity champions, and look ahead to their culture day and other events.

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