Looking to the future

The climate crisis is top of the agenda for governments around the world but those most affected by the crisis, children and future generations, rarely have a voice in the discussion.

They will face challenges that can’t even be imagined as they try to repair the damage done to the planet. So how do you equip them with the knowledge and skills to tackle the challenges of the climate crisis and come up with the new solutions needed to fix it?

According to Edge Hill University’s faculty of education the first step is education. Making children aware to why the crisis is happening and what can be done to prevent more damage being caused. Edge Hill University’s faculty of education, building on its national reputation for high-quality teacher training, has committed to promoting sustainability in schools.

Louise Habberfield from Edge Hill University said: “For many years its forest and beach schools have taken children outdoors for lessons and our new offer of free CPD for teachers including a session on greening the primary curriculum, helps teachers discuss climate change and encourage sustainability.

“The faculty’s latest project, Children Tackling Climate Change, has taken this message to more schools than ever before. Working with schools in the Kirkby Collaborative Partnership, primary and secondary school children have produced works of art about the climate crisis. The aim is to educate them about the causes of the crisis as well as its solutions.

“Their works of art have been on display at Kirkby Art Gallery for the community to enjoy. The children have also readily embraced the project’s sustainability messages, even telling their parents how to be more environmentally friendly and are now ambassadors for change.

“Schools all over the country are already running schemes and projects just like Edge Hill’s. It’s heartening to see so many schools, teachers and children taking climate change seriously. Together we can use education to empower children to take positive action to tackle this crisis.”

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