Meet the RefreshED 2019 headline speaker

The end of May will see RefreshED 2019 take place at Liverpool Hope University.

Created by the team at Angel Solutions, the event offers talks and interactive workshops from leading education experts, which promises to leave attendees refreshed and equipped to tackle the challenges the sector faces.

On Friday 24 May, the day will boast three guest speaker slots, three workshop sessions to choose from, a delicious lunch and RefreshED room where attendees can relax and revitalise throughout the day.

Ahead of the event, headline speaker Jaz Ampaw Farr – ex-Apprentice candidate, TEDx speaker, School governor, education consultant and literacy expert – has spoken about the education revolution which is happening in the North of England, and how you can be a part of it at RefreshED.

What would the education world look like if you realised your vision – who would benefit, and what would change?

To me, it’s not IF it’s WHEN. IT’s what WILL look like, not about hope and expectations.

I have the honour of spending time with leaders and teachers from lots of school and I can sense a revolution in the air! It’s a very gentle British-flavoured revolution mind! It’s led by good people who, like Neo at the end of the Matrix, are simply ‘No’ to the system that is crushing them. We’re better than this.

Wales, for example, has a new curriculum which is out of this world! It has mental and physical health and wellbeing and mind-set at the heart of it.

Things need to change at the very top. There is a huge lack of trust. It’s a twofold thing – a combination of the people at the top – the administration – and the teachers who want to make a difference, but are losing their mental wellbeing at the same time.

I want balance to be restored.

What motivates you to do what you do? 

Education becoming more human-centred. I am dissatisfied that what I experienced as a child, of not feeling like I belong, of teachers being on their knees ticking boxes and forgetting how amazing they are, that it’s still going on today – and it’s worse than ever.

I tour the country telling my story, but this is still happening now. That’s what drives me.

I recently saw a sign in a school toilet that said “Please leave this toilet as you found it” and I thought “No. Not good enough. Teachers are better than that.” so I graffiti’d it and changed it to “Please leave this toilet better than you found it” Then I left my Tampax there. When I came back a few weeks later, someone had added a deodorant. Then inspirational quotes and so on.

That’s the subtle art of giving a toss. It’s the small things that make an impact – that cause a revolution.

Let’s leave THE PLANET BETTER THAN HOW WE FOUND it and not being driven by fear.

Which one word best sums up you and your vision? 

Catalyst – I’m rubbish at managing. Literally. So there is no point of people looking to me to fix things! I want to galvanise and speak people into action. Into seeing their true worth. Into change.

Who inspires you the most?

Every teacher who hears me speak and then tweets me with a message saying because of what they heard they have done more or less of something. Everyone who lets themselves be defined by their soul not by their role.  Every teacher who is human first and teacher second.

What are you most looking forward to at #RefreshED19?

Twitter is great and connection is great, but I’m so looking forward to being with of my tribe, with people who want the best and are passionately committed, despite how knackered they are.

If you too want to be part of this ground-breaking education event, you can book tickets and find out more here:

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