STEM day fun

Pupils from four primary schools gathered together at St Michael’s Catholic Primary School in Ditton, Widnes, for two fun filled STEM days.

The first day they studied as forensic scientists. The day included finger prints, foot prints, blood splatter patterns and CSI training, the day culminated with the children investigating a crime scene.

Children dressed in protective white suits and masks and the area was taped off as they strived to solve the crime.

The second day the children built robots and computer programmed them to go along the tracks the children had also designed. They also designed marshmallow and spaghetti towers and made elephant’s toothpaste and much more exciting science experiments.

The children ended the day with a science competition to showcase the scientific knowledge they had learned throughout the days.

Science teacher Mrs Edwards said: “The science days have been specifically designed to broaden skills, enhance expertise and increase students’ confidence. Pupils have described it as ‘the best club ever’ and say it has brought science to life.

“The children used their excellent scientific knowledge which is as always outstanding.”

Sophie Anderson Year 6 pupil from St Michael’s said” “I love science with Mrs Edwards and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be as bright as I am. I will pass all her knowledge down for generations”.

Headteacher Mr Paul Loughran said: “At St Michael’s we deliver a high-quality science education which provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of all sciences.

“We always invite other schools into St Michael’s where the children are encouraged to work together as a collective rather than an individual”.

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