Merseyside Police inspire students at Rainford High

Merseyside Police recently attended a school in Rainford as part of a ‘careers awareness day’. 

A range of different departments spoke to year 10 students at Rainford High, from the community engagement unit, firearms team, St Helens local policing team, to the dog section and outreach unit. 

 Merseyside Police spoke with students about the different career opportunities within the organisation and the various routes to employment. They also discussed important issues around equality and diversity in the police service. 

Students were able to ask the police officers questions about their roles and learned about the training they must go through. 

They also got to understand the equipment the police must have in order to protect themselves and the general public, and got to know the force’s hardworking police dogs and learn more about the canine unit.  

PD Hugo was a particular favourite amongst the young people. 

Constable Danielle Sewoo from Merseyside Police said: “It was great to be part of Rainford High’s ‘Be Brilliant Day’ and to speak with so many students about the different opportunities within Merseyside Police. 

“The students asked lots of great questions and I hope that they enjoyed the day as much as we did!” 

Melissa Donovan, whole school lead for careers at Rainford High, commented: “It was a fantastic day and the students had a really positive and immersive experience which has given them an insight into the challenges, skills and opportunities within the modern police.” 

Ian Young, principal of the school, added: “It is vital that young people get the chance to experience the wide and diverse range of careers and employment opportunities that are available to them.  

“By collaborating with key organisations and businesses in the region, our students get to build their own understanding of the working world which allows them to make an informed decision in later life.” 

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