Mysterious landing at Millbrook Primary School

Pupils at Millbrook Primary School, Kirkby arrived to see a mysterious object on their school field. The police were already in attendance and Millbrook Mini Police were assisting the police in guarding the area.

The object appeared to be a UFO landing. It had landed with force as it was lodged in the grass. Several metal objects were lying around it. The area was cordoned off with tape. The children at Millbrook all assisted the police with their enquiries.

Year 6 pupils wrote reports about the event to help draw together the evidence. Year 1 children painted aliens as they decided some might have escaped from the UFO. Each classroom has a space area for children to continue to look for evidence to solve this mystery. Merseyside Police put the following statement on their twitter account: “Millbrook Mini Police guarding the scene after the mysterious UFO landing at Millbrook Primary School in Kirkby”.

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