NAHT comments on latest teacher vacancies data

School leaders’ union NAHT has responded to new teacher vacancies data which shows teacher vacancies have doubled to more than 2,300 the past two years. 

The School Workforce Census, published 8 June, also showed 44,000 teachers left the state-funded sector in 2021/22, up by 7,800 since the previous year. 

The government have stated that nearly 48,000 teachers entered classrooms in the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Commenting on the new data, Ian Hartwright, head of policy at school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “No matter how government tries to spin it, today’s data shows that it is in denial over its failure to tackle the longstanding recruitment and retention crisis in teaching. 

“Missed recruitment targets have been compounded by a miserable failure to stem the tide of those leaving the profession.   

“More than a decade of real terms cuts to pay, accompanied by crushing workload and the impact of high stakes inspection and accountability measures that drive ill-health, mean that teachers and leaders continue to walk away from an education system where funding is still below 2010 levels in real terms. 

“Without urgent action, more education professionals will sadly decide that what should be a rewarding career is not for them, and pupils’ education and life chances will inevitably suffer.” 

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