National Day of Reflection for COVID 19

Students at Alsop High School and Arnot St Mary CE School have recorded a special Act of Collective Worship to be used in schools during the National Day of Reflection on Tuesday 23 March.

The short assembly includes prayers from Walton Church and a reading of the Easter Gospel by children’s author Mr Frank Cottrell Boyce.

The special assembly encourages young people to pause, reflect and remember all those whose lives have been affected by COVID 19.

It begins with a lovely Celtic prayer recited by students from Arnot St Mary CE School which involves the lighting of three candles.

Mr Sean Mottram, deputy headteacher at Alsop said: “As a school we decided to mark this important day with a special assembly. Since 23 March 2020 we have journeyed together during difficult times, we have experienced the closure of schools and the development of on-line learning.

“At Alsop we never closed …… we adapted, and we are proud to say that we’ve worked through the challenge of COVID 19 together with a real team effort.

“It has been a partnership between staff, students and parents. However, these have been difficult days. We have all been affected by the pandemic and thankfully as a school community we have grown stronger.”

The school is asking students to connect with someone who is grieving. This might be in simple ways such as having a chat with them, sending a card, a message, or giving them some spring flowers. During the week Alsop students will plant seeds in memory of those who have died and tie yellow ribbons on the railings. Staff and community members will also be encouraged to light candles to “Share a LIGHT” at 8pm.

The Act of Collective worship can be downloaded here:

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