A novel idea at Alsop High School

This month sees the launch of a comprehensive ten-month “A Story to Tell” novel writing course at Alsop High School. At first the sessions will be facilitated remotely via Zoom and hopefully they will be held in school during the autumn term.

Mrs Sally-Anne Tapia-Bowes, disciplinary literacy co-ordinator at Alsop High School, said: “We are thrilled to relaunch our novel writing course. Just before lockdown we held our first course, but sadly we only managed three months of this before it all came to a grinding halt. The participants included parents, staff and governors.”

“This spring, the novel writing course will begin anew! We already have quite a few participants from the last course returning. However, I wanted to offer everyone the opportunity to join us on our journey!

“This is a fabulous opportunity. So many people talk about writing a book but never actually do anything about it. This course is a means of fulfilling that dream by writing, improving, learning, studying the craft of others and purposefully aiming to finish something you will feel truly proud of.

“By October, writers will be confident, and their novel could be complete. During November and December participants will be editing – ‘colouring in’ and ‘polishing’.

“This course will provide the discipline, the ‘how’ and the support needed to get us exactly where we need to be. “

The course will be held on the last Thursday of each month and it will last for 10 months. The sessions will start at 7pm and last for 90 minutes.

For further details contact Ms Tapia-Bowes via

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