New dyslexia campaign to highlight the superpowers of dyslexics

Dyslexia Awareness Month begins on 1 October 2021 and international charity, Made By Dyslexia, has launched a new campaign called ‘THIS is Dyslexia’, to help provide a greater understanding of the superpowers dyslexics bring to the world. 

Endorsed by Sir Richard Branson, the new activity will launch with a social media campaign across Branson’s channels featuring Made By Dyslexia’s new ambassador, Sudanese-British basketballer, spoken-word poet and activist Asma Elbadawi who has written and performed a dedicated new poem to help celebrate the launch.   

On October 7, a new book from Made By Dyslexia Founder and Chief Executive, Kate Griggs, will be available alongside the unveiling of the new Made By Dyslexia website, which hosts free tools to assist teachers, educators, workplaces and employers to spot, support and empower every dyslexic mind.   

It is estimated that by 2025, 50 per cent of jobs in the UK will be done by machines. The other 50 per cent carried out by the ‘human workforce’ will require precisely the skills that are so prominent among dyslexic people.  

One in five people are dyslexic, and #thisisdylexia shines a spotlight on the 20 per cent of our population who are already hardwired with the vital skills for the success of our future economy and society. (Statistics taken from The Dyslexic Dynamic Report by Manpower Talent Solutions and Made By Dyslexia) 

To help lead the charge in redefining dyslexia, the charity has teamed up with two young, bright, inspirational dyslexics who have tapped into their dyslexic strengths; Sudanese-British basketballer, activist and spoken word poet Asma Elbadawi and 12-year-old award-winning vegan BBC TV chef and entrepreneur Omari McQueen, to help the world understand, appreciate and support dyslexic thinking. They both champion the power of dyslexic thinking, and by nurturing their dyslexic strengths, they both have paved their own paths to fulfilment and success in life.  

Founder of Made By Dyslexia, Kate Griggs: “We are so proud to have created the world’s largest community of dyslexic people and champions who, like us, are passionate about redefining dyslexia and helping the world to recognise the value of our skills and talents.” 

To support its mission to redefine dyslexia, the global charity has created a wide range of informative assets such as downloadable factsheets, interactive guides and toolkits, all of which are available on the brand-new website.  

To assist teachers, educators, workplaces and employers to spot, support and empower every dyslexic mind, the charity has developed two initiatives; Connect The Spots, a free and simple two-hour training course in partnership with Microsoft, which will help parents, teachers and educators spot dyslexia and be able to offer the correct support; and Join The Dots, a simple guide that outlines the value of dyslexic thinking and offers employers, recruiters and managers four simple steps to empower dyslexic thinking in the workplace in order to better support dyslexic employees. 

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