New Europe walking tour in Liverpool

Every new place you visit in itself is an adventure. How you treat this adventure is up to you. How often do we walk past a tall, gothic building without a second glance? Every village, town and city has a history, which we may not know much about. Just taking a walk could be the start of a new journey.

This is where ‘New Europe’ walking tours come in. With one in Liverpool, it’s an educational day out where you will definitely learn something new. You will meet your tour guide in a specified location and they will take you on a cultural and historical trip to local highlights that will last around two or three hours. Lovely for a summer’s day.

The greatest part? The tour is free. Though, of course, with in-depth talks and your tour guide escorting you around the city, you could always take some extra cash for a tip!

The meeting point is outside St George’s Hall, which is a short walk from Liverpool Lime Street. If you’d like to take the Merseyrail, Liverpool Central is also just a short walk from the meeting point. You could also pack a tasty picnic to have before or after your tour in St John’s Gardens.

Book at tour on their website: sandemans-tours/liverpool/free-tour-of-liverpool/

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