Parents thank teachers with a donation

Teachers and students at a primary school in Bootle have pledged to raise funds for equipment and services set for the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital in a very generous and selfless way.

Whilst many teachers in and around Liverpool received Christmas presents on the last day of term, teachers and staff at St Monica’s Catholic Primary School in Bootle asked parents not to buy gifts, but to donate £1 to their chosen charity, ‘R Charity’ as a thank you instead.

Headteacher Paul said: “It’s such a pleasure to raise funds for charity in this way. It saves a lot of money at the most expensive time of year, and eases the financial burden that can come with the buying of gifts for teachers.

“But more importantly it sends out an excellent and strong message to our children and their families about the power of everyone giving a little to make a lot.

“Our children’s families and friends may have to attend or be treated in this facility in the future, so we are really proud to contribute to such a cause.

Aimee Clare from the R Charity fundraising team said: “It’s a really simple and lovely request to make to parents; the fundraising team at R Charity think it’s a fabulous idea, and are extremely thankful to Paul, his teachers, staff and parents at St Monica’s Primary School.

“Whether you are a teacher or not, it is nice to receive chocolates and flowers at Christmas, so what a kind thing it is to request donations in lieu of such gifts”.

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