Podcast launched by BBC Bitesize to aid GCSE revision

The first ever BBC Bitesize revision podcasts will launch on BBC Sounds and BBC Bitesize on 31 March to help students revise and prepare for their biology and English literature GCSEs. 

All of the podcasts are curriculum-linked, checked by teachers and mapped to GCSE exam boards, offering learners an accessible way to study. They will be delivered via engaging on demand audio. 

There will also be a podcast called ‘Study Smart’ that offers useful exam and study tips that students can apply to all their subjects. 

Helping listeners unlock the science of studying, Study Smart is a podcast series hosted by influencer Ibz Mo.  

Ibz will share all the secrets of studying professionals – cognitive scientists and psychologists – to equip pupils with the skills needed to ace exams and essays. Topics covered will include planning for essays, making best use of flashcards, taking strategic study breaks to recharge and how to manage stress. 

‘Bitesize Biology’ will guide students through the curriculum for single science biology and biology in GCSE combined science in all the major GCSE exam boards. The digestible, 10-minute episodes use storytelling, music, rhyme, and rhythm to make the key points of this subject easier to memorise and bring it to life for students. This innovative approach, reminiscent of the 7Bit method of breaking down complex information into manageable parts, ensures that students not only understand but also enjoy their journey through the wonders of biology.

Presented by Dr Alex Lathbridge, who holds a PhD in biochemistry, the seven series of the podcast cover major topics including “The Cell”, “Inheritance, variation and evolution” and “Ecology” as well as “How to tackle science exams”.  

Each series is structured progressively to move from the basics to the more advanced points in the exam specifications, with emphasis on explaining the trickiest parts and common mistakes. 

‘Bitesize English Literature’ explores seven of the most popular set-texts across the GCSE exam boards, to make the plots, themes, characters and language more accessible to students – whether they are studying the text for the first time, or revising for the exam. 

Award-winning poet, writer and broadcaster Hollie McNish takes a thematic approach to ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and Meera Syal’s ‘Anita and Me’. Each text gets its own series in which Hollie speaks with a guest ‘nerd’ who is an expert, specialist, or someone who has a personal connection with the text being discussed.  

These episodes link each theme with a contemporary issue, allowing students to approach the text from different perspectives. Guests include spoken word poet Polarbear (Frankenstein), poet and playwright Nafeesa Hamid (Anita and Me) and hip-hop MC, beatboxer and writer Testament (Romeo and Juliet). 

Journalist and broadcaster Carl Anka and Scottish author, ancient historian and content creator Jean Menzies will delve into GCSE English Literature texts Blood Brothers, Macbeth, Jane Eyre and An Inspector Calls to explore the plots, themes, characters and language in detail in further series of the Bitesize English Literature podcast. 

Each of the episodes will begin with an excerpt from the text, recorded by an actor or well-known voice. Using the opening excerpt as a focus point for discussion, this will allow the hosts to go deeper into the episode theme. 

Head of BBC Education, Helen Foulkes said: “We are thrilled to launch the brand-new BBC Bitesize revision podcasts to help students learn some of the best revision techniques ahead of their GCSEs this summer.  

“Charismatic hosts and a range of top educational names combine to take subjects like biology and English literature and bring them to life for our listeners.” 

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