Pupils embrace technology at careers workshop

The week before half term, Year 7 pupils from Childwall Sports and Science Academy took part in their first employer-led careers workshop.

All form groups spent the morning in the company of Catherine, who represented computer company Dell Technologies and introduced the pupils to the possibilities of using technology to create a more sustainable world. Pupils took on the challenge set by Dell to come up with their own ideas to utilise technology to improve their local neighbourhood and presented their enterprises to Dell managers.

Mrs Koermer, careers manager at Childwall Academy said: “We encourage all our pupils to develop key employability skills and explore the many opportunities open to them, and the workshop was all about being enterprising, creative, working in teams, adapting to a new learning environment and most of all being brave by trying something new.

“After a year of cancelled careers events, we are pleased to welcome our external visitors back into school. Working with our industry partners is key to our pupil’s future success. Industry professionals open our pupil’s eyes to a world of possibilities, and by taking part in industry led events, we allow our pupils to explore professional environments. 

“On the other hand, our business partners can engage with their next generation of employees and future colleagues. It is always a privilege to hear both sides so positively speaking about the experience of working together. “

At the workshop, one pupil commented: “I learned that it doesn’t matter what you want to create as long as you are confident in it.

Whilst studying at Childwall Sports and Science Academy, all pupils from Year 7 -13 are following a comprehensive and ambitious careers programme that ensures they are engaged with its career planning, develops the skills to access their ideal careers, and ensures pupils understand their individual motivations, aspirations and personalities that allow them to select pathways that are right for them.

Next month its Year 8 pupils are working with KPMG and Year 9 pupils are developing their public speaking skills with its partners from Loud Speaker.  

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